About AAC

The Acupuncture Association of Colorado has two main focuses.


The first is to protect our right to practice Chinese Medicine in the state of Colorado.

Over the years there has been legislation presented that has been deemed threatening to our profession’s existence. Because we have a professional lobbyist on staff, we have been able to stay informed when such legislation arises and then take appropriate action. As a member of the AAC, you can be kept up to date regarding the political changes relating to acupuncture and have a voice in the legislative process. Half of your membership dues are dedicated to our legislative fund.


Our second focus is to educate the public.

With “alternative” medicines becoming more popular, our goal is to ensure that the public obtains accurate information about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Our public relations committee facilitates the publication of factual information to our communities via social media, newspaper, television, radio and magazines.  Each year, we represent the profession and our members at Denver’s Dragon Boat Festival and at 9Health Fairs across the state.  This service benefits the general public through education about the array of health issues Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can address.

About AAC