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The beneficial effects of acupuncture and needling has gained recognition among other health professionals, but also goes largely unnoticed by insurance companies and law makers.  This puts us in a precarious position of both needing to hold onto our right to be the experts in acupuncture and needling when other professionals want to use it in their own practices, and also making a case for the importance of acupuncture in the greater health care system, especially as an effective preventative medicine and a low cost alternative to surgery and drugs.

With this in mind, the four main areas we are working on now are:

  • Dry Needling, which is legal for physical therapists to practice after taking only 23 hours of their 46 hour course.  PT’s outnumber us both in state association membership and amount of dues they collect.  Who do you think has more power and influence?
  • Injection Therapy, which acupuncturists are allowed to do by a policy, but are not currently able to buy supplies due to changes in the pharmacy act.  We are working hard on this issue, but will need to wait until next year to remediate it.
  • Essential Health Benefits: We must act now to be included as an Essential Health Benefit in Colorado in 2016!  That means we have a lot of work to do between now through 2015.
    a) Part of this work involves getting to know our legislators, and also making presentations to insurance companies.
    b) We are also meeting with Insurance Commissioner Salazar to see what guidance she can give us.
    Being recognized as an EHB will help us be a major force in Colorado’s health care.  If we are covered by insurance, we will get doctor referrals. If we are not, they may just refer to chiropractors and physical therapists. Whether you accept insurance or not, this is a very important issue.
  • Media Campaign: We need the public to know that ACUPUNCTURE works, we are highly trained and treat many health conditions, and put acupuncture in the forefront of people’s minds when they are deciding where to turn.

We are actively working with lawyers on many of these issues, with Essential Health Benefits being our main focus due to a strict time limit.  Lawyers are EXPENSIVE.  Our lobbyist is EXPENSIVE.  We do not have the funds to do everything we need to do.  We simply can’t do it if acupuncturists aren’t members.

Please renew at the low cost of $150/year or $15/month. And join us in our efforts! More hands on deck, more minds on our problems, the stronger the solution!

Here are more reasons to become a member of the AAC!

We Work on Legislative Issues:

  • We retain a paid lobbyist who actively advocates for our profession and protects our scope of practice.
  • Collective political lobbying efforts.

We Promote Your Practice:

  • Free inclusion of your practice in our website’s public, searchable database that includes your picture, biography, specialties and more.  This has an over $100 per year value alone.  In essence, it can pay for your membership!
  • Opportunities to volunteer at festivals, where you provide public education while promoting your practice.

We Educate the Public:

  • Opportunities to volunteer at 9Health fairs across the state.
  • Free acupuncture treatments for the public on AOM Day, promoted by the AAC

We Are Your Community

  • Quarterly e-newsletters with articles and information on many issues affecting our profession.
  • Online networking through our members-only blog, or forum of Licensed Acupuncturists to learn and improve on business practices as well as the treatment of their patients. AAC members can use this forum to network and build strong professional ties to help our profession and community grow.
  • Facebook Fan Page and Twitter for updates and discussion
  • Inclusion on our announcement list
  • Meet your colleagues at our annual conference, while volunteering at festivals and health fairs and other celebrations.
  • Opportunities to serve your profession on the AAC board and committees.  This is your MAIN opportunity to have a voice in where your profession is headed and your ability to practice in the state of Colorado!

We Get You Discounts:

  • CEU discounted seminars (All seminars announced on the AAC list offer a discount to AAC members)
  • Discounted registration on all AAC conferences
  • Discounts with (10% off first order / 5% off all other orders).
  • $15 discount on a one year listing with
  • 5% discounts with purchases from OMS/Lhasa, Blue Poppy and Redwing Books.
  • 6% Discount on Mal-Practice Insurance from Wood Insurance Group (Professional Members only)
  • The AAC has an insurance billing company that gives a 6% rate for AAC members.
  • Dental and Vision discounts through Beta Health Association
  • Membership discounts through AAAOM
  • Ability to join Elevations Credit Union
  • Ability to sign up for Health Insurance benefits
  • Bill McAbee of Indigo Payments 303-210-6719 has offered the AAC a generous discount for members. If you would like a flier with more information, call the AAC office at 303-572-8744 or email at