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Let the Spine Be Your Guide

24 Aug 2021 4:57 PM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)




With Ben Hawes

8 PDAs (NCCAOM Approved)

PDA Course #: PDA-9238-1

Saturday, October 16, 2021


Back by popular demand!

Backupuncture® is a system of combining distal points with manual palpation of the spine and meridians for quickly and accurately diagnosing and treating issues relating to vertebral misalignments through any system of distal acupuncture. Distal access of the spine allows for movement and palpation of the injured or diseased area during treatment, thus providing immediate feedback, and learning to diagnose misalignments distally can allow for treatments in cases where the spine is inaccessible, such as the bed or wheelchair-bound, or simply in cases where it is easier to treat supine. Conversely, learning to associate shifts in the spine with the use of distal points found by palpation enhances palpatory skills on acupuncture meridians, and provides immediate feedback to stimulation of points.

This will be a small (12 participants or fewer), intensive hands-on class.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to

·      Correctly palpate misalignments of the spine

·      Correlate spinal misalignments with distal points and then palpate the resultant change in the spine after needling the distal points

·      Correctly palpate points along the mirrored meridian indicating misalignments both to diagnose and treat them

·      Employ multiple distal point systems for use in correcting misalignments

Location: Backupuncture of Denver, 925 S. Niagara St., Suite 418, Denver CO 80224

Cost: $200 by Sept. 30th ($180 for AAC members) , $250/$225 Oct. 1st until Oct. 15th

Register: Please register below. After you submit, you will be redirected to a payment screen. Contact Ben at info@backupuncture.com or 720-370-2711 if you have any issues or questions.


**Due to Covid-19 concerns, all participants must be able to show proof of full vaccination. Mask use will be optional unless required by local, state or federal mandates at the time of the class.

Ben Hawes is a graduate of Brown University (1996) and the New England School of Acupuncture (MAOM: 2001). He has been practicing in rural Southwest Colorado since 2003 and Denver since 2017. Ben has studied Kyojung Korean Physical Manipulation, has been practicing distal styles (Master Tung and Richard Tan’s Balance Method) since 2007, and completed an 18 month internship in Japanese Acupuncture with Jeffrey Dann, PhD in 2016. He is a former faculty member of CSTCM.

Besides acupuncture, he has studied craniosacral therapy with Pat Cunningham, LAc, has been a long-time student of shamanic healing practices with John Myerson, PhD, LAc, and has been an instructor of Zen and pain-relief meditation since 1995.

NCCAOM PDA Provider #9238

Backupuncture® is a registered trademark of Benjamin Hawes and Backupuncture LLC.


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