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2017 Soundscapes Weekend Intensives - Oct. 1 - 31, 2017

18 Jul 2017 5:36 PM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

Experienced in beautiful OCHO, Questa, NM (north of Taos)

10-31 October 2017 

Taught by: 

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac., M. S., M. M., AAAOM Educator of the Year, Acutonics Teacher; click here for bio


MichelAngelo, M. F. A., Advisor, Astrological Medicine & Musical Studies, Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC (2005-2014); click here for bio

Facial Soundscapes™ is a gentle, powerful, non-invasive vibrational treatment protocol that features precision calibrated Acutonic® tuning forks on the acu-sound points and meridians of the face and body.  Treatments are customized for each person.

Open to all healthcare professionals, musicians, and all interested parties!!  You can take 1, 2, up to all 5 levels of the training, but they must be taken in order!!  

Online registration may be found here.  To register offline, or for questions about seminar content; chi.akra@gmail.com888-652-5550

133 NCCAOM PDA’s/CA CE’s pending/all 5 modules are Acutonics® electives

10% Discount to All Acupuncture Association of Colorado Members

Module 1: Facial Soundscapes: Harmonic Renewal™; 10-13 October, 2017 
“An In-depth Journey into Sound” (29 CE credits)

Participants will learn:

• The intervals, myths, qualities and applications for the Earth, Moon and Sun tuning forks

• How to choose the Eight Extraordinary meridians’ master/couple points using “fascia talk”

• Eight Extraordinary Meridian meditation with music

• 5 Element Chinese physiognomy (hand and face reading)

• A grounding protocol

• Customized 5 Element body points

• An Ohm balancing facial treatment

• Facial syndromes: vibrational muscles treatments for jowls, double chin, etc.

• A topical herbal protocol to enhance the treatments

Module 2: Planetary Soundscapes: The Cosmic Countenance™, 15-17 October, 2017
(24 CE credits)

Participants will learn:

• Planetary Faces; Astrology and Physiognomy

• The intervals, myths, qualities and applications for the 8 planetary tuning forks (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)

• How to integrate the Earth, Moon and Sun forks into a planetary treatment

• Physiognomy: Facial Asymmetry and the Taoist Central Corridor of Qi

• The Interluminaries: Balancing the Face with the Sun and Moon

• Planetary Signatures and Acutonics® Intervals for the Eight Extraordinary meridians

• Ba Liao: The 8 Sacred Seams; “Your Butt is your Face”; back treatment

• Yin/Yang Planetary Pairs and Facial Balancing

• 5 Element interplanetary constitutional treatments

• Vibrational Lavier facial treatment using the Earth and Moon forks

• Planetary “Hara Mirroring” facial treatment; “Your Gut is your Face”

• Other protocols: Cosmothetics; “Vibrasion”, Vibrational Somato-Emotional Release (VSER), aka “Forkalactics”

• A Longevity Treatment: an empirical point for "healthy aging"

• A topical herbal protocol to enhance the treatments, with 5 Element planetary essential oils, hydrosols, moisturizer, cleanser, jade rollers and gem eye discs

Module 3: The Transcendent Face™, 19-21 October, 2017
(24 CE credits)

Participants will learn:

• The intervals, myths, qualities and applications for the 3 suprapersonal planets (Chiron, Nibiru and Sedna), and the 4 female asteroids (Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athena, and Ceres)

• Applications of the high frequency planets

• A Definition of Transcendence

• 3 Treasures Gems grounding protocol using amethyst, citrine, red garnet and Herkimer diamond

• Supra-personal Planets and the 3 Treasures of the Face

• “Lacing the Girdle of Venus”; The 3 Treasures Gems and the 3 Jiaos Treatment Protocol

• Constitutional Tuning Fork Combinations for The Transcendent Face

• The Transcendent Extraor-DNA-ry Meridians

• The Facial Landscape: Planetary Wrinkles & Associated Facial Muscle Syndromes

• Treating Facial Wrinkles with the 3 Treasures Planetary Resonances

• The Kidney Spirit and Back Shu Points; “Mu Shu Tuning Fork Boogie”

• The Human Aura; Dowsing the Aura and Chakras with High Frequency Planets

• Transcendent Interplanetary Ladder of Ascent (via the 7 Chakras)

• An Immortality Treatment for the Transcendent Face

• A topical herbal protocol to enhance the treatments, with 5 Element planetary essential oils, hydrosols, moisturizer, cleanser, hydrosols, gem elixirs, jade rollers and gem eye discs

Module 4: The Fibonacci Face™, 24-26 October, 2017
(24 CE credits)

In this seminar, we will address the archetypal, energetic, theoretical and practical applications of the Acutonics® Ohm Fibonacci series tuning forks.

Participants will learn:

• The history, philosophy and implications of the Fibonacci number series, and its relationship to the natural harmonic series, as well the Golden Ratio (phi)

• The ratios, frequencies, intervallic structure, and archetypal profile of the Ohm Fibonacci tuning forks

• The Fibonacci Solar System; correspondences with the 9 planets, and the associated intervals

• Treating the 8 Extraordinary Meridians with the Fibonacci Frequencies and Mid-Range Planets and the 5 Element Planetary Essential Oils and Gem Elixirs

• 5 Element Planetary gem elixirs; properties, usages and applications

• The Cosmic Egg: 3 Transformative Exercises and Treatment Protocols using the Fibonacci tuning forks and gem elixirs

• Ritual:  Installing Gem Elixirs with Fibonacci Solar System Tuning Fork Combinations; “Beyond the Solar System”

• Vitruvian Man Ritual:  “Squaring the Circle” 

• Exercises: 6 Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit meditation

Module 5: “Shifting your Intergenerational Patterns”: GeneAstrology™ and Vibrational Medicine 
28-31 October, 2017
(32 CE credits)

In this seminar, we will address inherited "blueprints" which are passed down from generation to generation. These genetic codes trigger cellular memory and map out not only our physical attributes, but also our thoughts, feelings, ideas, prejudices, talents, etc.  These memories are largely unconscious, and in most people, they remain a part of the legacy of the family line, in the form of addictions, illnesses, health issues, and tendencies to recapitulate certain catastrophic events. Even the nature and timing of death can be programmed in this way, occurring at the same time and under the same circumstances as that of one of our ancestors.

This course encourages you to become aware of these multi-generational astrological patterns, as they are identified through the techniques of GeneAstrology™.  We can then employ healing sound (tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan bowls, etc.) to address these issues through a variety of remedial techniques – vibrational body treatments, exercises, Qi-gong, meditations and transformative rituals, so that you can move beyond unconscious motivations and behavior patterns, negative emotional states, and thoughts and actions that do not seem to be your own. 

Our intention in this course is provide a “safe container” in which you can explore your Authentic Selves, and to empower you to compassionately follow your own unique destiny in this lifetime!

The participants will learn:

• GeneAstrology™: An Astrological Perspective on Intergenerational Patterns as a Reflection of Inherited Planetary Disharmony

• The 13 Ghost Points: A Personification of the Shadow; Locations and Indications and treatment

• The 13th Harmonic Natal Chart: “Dancing your Inner Demon/Daimon” (Exercise)

• The 13 Taoist Positions on the Face plus Recommended Tuning Fork Combinations

• The Eight Extraordinary Meridians: The Figure 8 Infinity Treatment

• Treatment of the 3 Shen Scalp Points with Essential Oils and Ohm Tuning Forks

• “Drawing down the Dragon”: The Constellation Draco and the Windows of the Sky Points; Meditation, Checklist and Treatment

• 5 Element Vibrational Gem Elixirs, DNA, Imbalances and Inherited Patterns

• 5 Element Correspondence Chart with Microsystem Gem Tips for Corpus Callosum Balancing Treatment

•  The 12 Spirit Points and Essential Oil applications

• Spirit Point Treatment Ritual

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