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Cancer Support & Prevention: How to stop preventable cancers in your patients using natural functional medicine

22 Sep 2018 8:37 AM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

Dr Michael Gaeta’s mission is to co-create a world of vital, resilient people by upgrading the patient care and practice success of natural health professionals. He has trained 16,000 health professionals over the last 25 years, promoting a lifestyle of nature first, drugs last. Michael, a past president of the Acupuncture Society of New York and State Association President of the Year, shares his research, findings and results from his 28-year Chinese and functional medicine practice in this new course:

Cancer Support & Prevention: How to stop preventable cancers in your patients using natural functional medicine

In this training you will:

1 - GET THE LATEST on cancer statistics, and conventional cancer treatments in modern oncology

2 - LEARN THE "CAUSE OF THE CAUSE" what's behind the genetic damage of cancer

3 - INCREASE CANCER RESISTANCE and quality of life in yourself, your family and clients with Dr Gaeta's powerful, wholistic Program

4 - HELP PATIENTS ON CONVENTIONAL TREATMENTS Know how to naturally and safely support the strength of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation

5 - IMPROVE YOUR PATIENT CARE and be a go-to practitioner for wellness and preventative care in your community

6 - GROW AND EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE by providing superior patient care, and earning the referrals of happy patients

After thousands of hours of study, and working with many thousands of patients, he would like to share what he has learned about what really works, in the new, seven-week Cancer Support & Prevention (CSP) online course. He will show you specifically how you can improve your patient care in this critical area of practice. For optimal learning and practical implementation, CSP combines an online curriculum with seven live weekly calls and a private online community.

AAC members who join will receive a 10% tuition discount, if they use coupon code AAC2018 at checkout (or purchase using this direct link). This is one of the most powerful trainings in wholistic healthcare, and we’re proud to present it to our members.

Dr Gaeta gave a well-reviewed presentation at one of our annual AAC conferences, and has taught at 10 acupuncture colleges nationally. If you want to be a more effective and successful acupuncturist, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your patient care and practice success with this senior acupuncturist.

Learn more at cancercourse.com.

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