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N PERSON Pulse Diagnosis and Balancing by Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac.

24 Feb 2023 7:09 PM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

IN PERSON Pulse Diagnosis and Balancing
by Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac.

April 15 & 16 in Denver

The training includes:

- two days of lecture and supervised practice

- a private one to one Zoom meeting with Dr. Lucas to answer your questions and look at your pulse drawings (you will schedule that with her)

- 30 days of email support

- NEW benefit included: one day of observation in Dr. Lucas’s clinic (you will schedule with her)

- her book Pulse Diagnosis: Beyond Slippery and Wiry

This comprehensive intensive in person course will allow you to see the causes/roots of your patients’ symptoms, show you how to create a NORMAL pulse during the treatment, and allow you to give more effective treatments. 

Dr. Lucas has been using this model for more than 20 years and she says that it is “what keeps my love of Chinese medicine alive! Seeing what the pulses can tell me and how they change amazes me every day.” 

She also says that Pulse Diagnosis is not a mystery; it’s a skill and she believes that teachers/mentors should be able to explain the fascinating details of diagnosis. You will love this rich, detailed, easy to understand system based on the classics and described in her book Pulse Diagnosis: Beyond Slippery and Wiry.

PRACTITIONERS SAY: “It is well known to acupuncturists across the land that the traditional Chinese medicine pulse analysis by Martha Lucas is the most sophisticated, detailed, and accurate reading that you could possibly have. We should accept her assessment and recommendations.”   The Pine Street Clinic, world renowned cancer treatment center.

In addition to in person courses in Denver:

1. ONLINE courses and private training with Dr. Lucas are also available at LucasTeachings.com


2, Dr. Lucas has a course where she comes to YOUR CLINIC to work, to help you understand your most complicated patients. Email her at Drmlucas@acupuncturewoman.com to find out more.

3. Also, ONE SPOT left for IN PERSON Cosmetic Acupuncture: Facelift and neck protocols on March 4&5 in Denver.

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