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The Voice of Acupuncture and Traditional East Asian Medicine in Colorado

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  • 04 May 2018 10:26 AM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

    June 2 & 3rd

    16 CEUs

    Dr. Scott Richardson DAOM will be teaching an Introduction to injection class at CSTCM in Denver June 2 & 3rd.  The class is approved for 16 NCCAOM CEUs.  The class will cover CNT for injections, Acupoint Injections, common Trigger Point Injections and Aesthetic/Scar injections. 
    Each participant will receive a free starter injection kit that will include needles syringes saline and homeopathic ampoules. 

    Cost $650 / $575 for AAC members

    Location CSTCM Denver CO



  • 03 May 2018 7:33 AM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

    June 2nd & 3rd

    524 Bross St., Longmont, CO 80501

    10% discount for AAC Members

     This class has been approved for 15 PDAs (NCCAOM) for any acupuncturist who is licensed to practice in a state where injection therapy is within it’s scope.

    Michael Young, L.Ac.,  MSTCM, graduated in 1990 from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He studied injection therapy with Heel sponsored teachers in the 1990s and has taught injection therapy in Colorado for the last 13 years.  Sheila Liewald, L.Ac., will be assisting to maximize hands on training.   For more info see my website younghealthcare.com.

    This is an introduction to injection therapy.  How to use Homeopathics, Saline, Sarapin, Procaine and other “caine” drugs, and B12 as well as other injectables are covered.  The class is limited to 6 participants and the didactic to “hands on” is about 50/50. A TA will be available for the “hands on” portion.

    Contact Information: Contact Michael at genkiacupuncture@gmail.com or alternatively 303-702-0219

  • 30 Apr 2018 10:47 PM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)
    The CHP Group, an integrative healthcare organization based in Beaverton, Oregon is hosting a free continuing education course, Pain Management: Tools & Techniques for Integrative Healthcare Providers, on Thursday, May 17 from 6-8 pm in Denver. This popular seminar will be taught by Minga Guerrero, DC, the Regional Medical Director at The CHP Group. This course has been developed just for integrative healthcare providers and will be two hours well-spent, as the following questions and topics are covered:
    • What tools and techniques are available to you to assist patients in pain to a positive outcome? What challenges must you manage to reach that positive outcome?
    • How to recognize and deal with complications to managing a patient’s chronic pain including narcotic addiction, pain syndrome behavior, and PTSD syndromes
    • Charting pain management protocols and clinically justifying the outcomes using outcomes measurement tools
    • How to engage a stressed-out patient and how to not let that stress effect you
    • Determining which management plans show effective outcomes

    CHP staff will be on hand to answer questions about CHP and their expansion in Colorado. To register for this event, please visit www.chpgroup.com/events.

  • 19 Apr 2018 5:19 PM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

    We are flying Dr. Andrew Taylor in from Vancouver to teach an Adv Injection Technique class that will cover Trigger Point Injections, Perineural Therapy, and Prolotherapy.  You must have previous injection experience in order to attend and you will be expected to know and follow CNT for injections.

    This is a 3 day injection course with 24 NCCAOM PDAs pending.  It will be held at SWAC in Boulder Colorado.  Michael Young and Scott Richardson with also be there assisting in the teaching and instruction. Dr. Andrew and Michael Young are some of the top TCM injection instructors in our field, and I am very excited to have them in the room together.   We are not sure when this opportunity will come up again, so DON"T MISS OUT!

    Dates: May 18-20
    Location: SWAC in Boulder, CO

    Cost: $1200, $1050 for AAC members.

    Contact Info: Scott@DenverSportsAcu.com

  • 11 Apr 2018 2:02 PM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

    Message from the President

    Dear Acupuncture Advocates,

    Dry Needling: As I write this the proposed Physical Therapy Practice Act renewal bill (HB18-1155) bill is still in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee and we await their vote on Thursday. We will continue to update you on the bill’s progression and interpretation.

    As we previously informed you, with barely 24 hours’ notice, the PT Board added an amendment to HB18-1155 in the House HHS Committee to add “dry needling” to their scope of practice. The move makes clear that they are concerned about our legal challenge to Rule 211, which is before the Colorado Court of Appeals, and are attempting an end run around the judicial process. The bill passed the House, but we managed to have 14 people testify to the Senate Health & Human Services Committee to help educate them on the public safety dangers of a physical therapist, with no formal training in the use of acupuncture needles, starting a weekend course on Friday and by Monday beginning to insert acupuncture needles as deep as 6 inches into patients who have no understanding of the risks of such limited training. This issue and the legislative process are incredibly complex, and timing is often unpredictable.  As the bill continues to make its way through the legislature our lobbyist is doing his best to impress upon legislators the importance of protecting the public.

    We have let the legislature know that at least 34 patients—including at least three patients in Colorado—have suffered serious adverse events caused by physical therapists performing dry needling. We continue to hear reports of injured patients in Colorado from both our change.org petition and social media. The injuries that are citable are shared with the National Center for Acupuncture Safety and Integrity (NCASI) so that injury reports are tracked. The three cited injuries on NCASI’s website for Colorado are: (www.acupuncturesafety.org)

    • Case 1. In November 2013, 17-year-old professional freeskier Torin Yater-Wallace suffered a penetrating right lung injury caused by a physical therapist performing dry needling. The penetrating right lung injury resulted in a traumatic pneumothorax (an accumulation of air in the pleural cavity resulting from blunt or penetrating chest injury and causing lung collapse). He was treated for the traumatic pneumothorax at the emergency department of the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco, Colorado, and was admitted to that hospital on the same day. The traumatic pneumothorax required medical and surgical intervention. He was hospitalized for five days.
    • Case 2. In April 2015, 36-year-old senior recruiter Amanda Hilton suffered a penetrating left lung injury caused by a physical therapist performing dry needling. The penetrating left lung injury resulted in a traumatic pneumothorax. She was treated for the traumatic pneumothorax at the emergency department of the Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Colorado, and was admitted to that hospital on the same day. The traumatic pneumothorax required medical and surgical intervention. She was hospitalized for three days.
    • Case 3. In June 2015, 41-year-old clinical social worker Lisa Kerscher suffered a penetrating lung injury caused by a physical therapist performing dry needling. The penetrating lung injury resulted in a traumatic pneumothorax. She was treated for the traumatic pneumothorax at the emergency department of the Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. The traumatic pneumothorax required medical intervention.

    Also, if you come across someone who has been injured by dry needling it is important to have them record a complaint to DORA through their website. They cannot call DORA nor can they send them an email. The complaint forms for DORA are found here: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/dora/DPO_File_Complaint

    Finally, please remember that dry needling is acupuncture in which an acupuncture point (a specific muscle or connective tissue site) that has become exquisitely tender, commonly known in the West as a trigger point, is punctured with an acupuncture needle (a fine needle of up to six inches in length) to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease or other conditions, especially musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, including musculoskeletal pain. The American Medical Association (AMA) states, “Dry needling is indistinguishable from acupuncture.” For your fellow Coloradan’s safety please remember how to describe what dry needling is to your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and patients. A weekend course of training in an invasive procedure is inadequate and represents a significant public safety concern that we have shared with the Colorado judicial and legislative branches.

    Procuring Substances for Injection Therapy: We have continued to meet with our new director at DORA about making the necessary rules to allow acupuncturists to procure appropriate injectables. According to federal law many injectables considered compounded require a patient-specific prescription, and this is still hindering our ability to procure substances. We have continued to research if we will need to pass a bill to get prescriptive authority just for these substances. The lobbyist from the Colorado Medical Society will be arranging a meeting so that we may discuss with CMS how we can obtain the necessary prescriptive authority for the listed injectables. Our legislative committee will continue researching a possible bill giving us prescriptive authority with the goal of resolving our issues in procuring substances for injection therapy. We will continue to keep you apprised of our progress on this subject.

    American Society of Acupuncturists: AAC Immediate Past President, Kimberley Benjamin, and I represented the AAC membership at the annual ASA meeting last month in Denver, Colorado. The meeting was very productive and we were able to collaborate with and learn from other state trade associations and national entities. For a full overview of the weekend’s events please visit https://goo.gl/EpsCVk.

    The meeting was attended by 27 state associations represented by 41 delegates, as well as representatives from CCAOM, NCCAOM, AAPAS, and DVCIPM.  We had Skype/Zoom Meeting addresses by ANF and ACAOM, including a screening of the first segment of “Getting to the Point”– a new film by film maker Doug Dearth via the Acupuncture Now Foundation. Marilyn Allen and the American Acupuncture Council also sponsored a lunch program presenting information on ICD 11, which will include Traditional Medicine codes, and opened discussion for the potential for course development in orthopedic acupuncture. NCCAOM also presented a lunch program answering stakeholder questions. Our evening gathering was generously sponsored by Modern Acupuncture, and we had a valuable breakfast program sponsored by CM&F insurance looking at malpractice coverage options for the industry. We thank our general supporters as well, including Golden Flower Chinese Herbs, AcuClaims, Lhasa OMS, and Legendary Herbs. With help from these very generous sponsors, we completed a dense and meaningful agenda with fine spirit and strengthened collegial bonds. We are thrilled as well to announce that next year’s 4th annual ASA Council Congress will occur in conjunction with our first profession-wide national meeting in Washington, D.C.! Please keep your eyes open for more information (coming soon) on this industry-wide conference: “The State of Our Union: American Acupuncturists in U.S. Healthcare”. This will be a phenomenal event which will bring our industry into the national arena.

    I hope to see you all at the conference April 21st - 22nd. As your industry trade association run by an all-volunteer board of directors, the AAC uses membership dues and conference income to maintain our efforts on your behalf, and we greatly need and appreciate your involvement and support. “Like” the Acupuncture Association of Colorado’s Facebook page for continued updates from the association and interesting news in the field of acupuncture.

    Mark VanOtterloo DAOM
    President, AAC Board of Directors
    (720) 295-9323


    Tuesday April 17th is the Last Day to Register for the 35th Annual AAC Conference!

    Dear Colorado Acupuncturists:

    The AAC volunteer Board of Directors has been working hard on behalf of Colorado Acupuncturists to educate legislators about the risks involved with Physical Therapists being able to perform acupuncture after attending a weekend course. We are making progress but WE NEED YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT.

    Here are FIVE REASONS you should attend the conference April 21st - 22nd this year: 

    1. Fundraising - The annual AAC Conference is our largest fundraising event for the year. The AAC is run by a group of volunteer Board Members who donate their time to further the profession of acupuncture in Colorado. We cannot do this without your support. Please consider contributing to this mission by attending the conference this year while obtaining 14 NCCAOM approved and CA (pending) CEU's.

    2. Networking - this year we are inviting ALL Colorado Acupuncturists (members and non-members) to attend our Membership Mixer sponsored by Blue Poppy and KPC Products. Even if you are unable to attend the conference, please consider attending the Membership Mixer Saturday 4/21 starting at 6:30! This is a great way to network with other acupuncturists and chat with AAC Board Members. We only ask that you make a $10 donation to the AAC organization if you are a non-member. If you sign up for membership that evening the fee for the event will be waived. All mixer attendees receive two drink tickets for beer, wine, soda or bottled water, and there will be live music to enjoy!

    3. AAC Annual Meeting - All Members of the AAC are welcome to attend the annual meeting on Saturday 4/21 from 12:30pm - 2pm. An update on our legislative efforts around Dry Needling will be included, and we have proposed By-laws changes to vote on (stay tuned for an email soon to come). Complimentary lunch will be provided to conference attendees. All others will be charged $25 if you would like to have lunch. Payment can be made at the registration table, but if you are not registering for the conference and would like to attend the meeting (with our without lunch) please notify me at Conference@acucol.com or (720) 460-0766 by Monday, April 16th.

    4. Silent Auction - this will be the largest AAC Silent Auction to date. We have incredible donations this year including trips, sports memorabilia, artwork, acupuncture supplies, CEUs and more. Take advantage of these incredible donations from our conference sponsors by bidding on these items and donating to the AAC! (See more info below.)

    5. Jeff Nagel, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (last but by no means least!) - People rave about his presentations and unique style of acupuncture, and he was one of our most highly requested presenters. Jeff's innovative approach to training and healing will make this event unlike any other you have you attended before.

    DON'T MISS THIS EVENT! We have a fantastic venue and event planned and we want to see as many Colorado Acupuncturists come together as possible this year!

    Registration closes Tuesday, April 17th for this event on April 21st and 22nd, 2018 at the Westminster Marriott.

    Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc, Dipl Ac. Jeff is trained in the 8 Branches of Chinese Daoist Healing Arts, Medicine, Internal Martial Arts & Life Sciences and is an experienced long-time practitioner.

    His two-day seminar is entitled Healing Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Pain - Precursors to Disease in Your Practice & in Your Life (Classical Chinese Medicine Daoist Style Special Applications of Master Tung's Holographic).  14 NCCAOM PDA / California CEUs pending.

    More about the Course:

    Classical Chinese Medicine traditions raise the question: What causes and promotes health and vitality and not just dis-ease? Some of the most effective answers and solutions to this question will be covered in this class:

    “7 parts patient lifestyle adjustment + 3 parts doctor’s treatment”

    Teachings include:

    ·         How to cultivate Relax & Calm Down Qigong Breathing & Taiji Ruler Heart Calming Qigong for patients and practitioners.

    ·         Learn simple & effective methods of Acu-Touch Pulse for diagnosis & treatment.

    ·         Learn how to use internal-external herbal polarity-5 phase nutrition.

    ·         Learn practical clinical applications to diagnose and treat stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and pain before dis-ease sets in using Master Tung's Acupuncture and the 5 Phase Organ-Meridians and 12 Attitudes Method.

    ·         Learn how to harmonize the emotions with Temporal Pulse Balancing, the “10 Essentials of Life” & Geopathic Medicine for stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and pain.

    These methods are practical and highly effective and can be implemented immediately in practice. The class will be taught through a combination of lecture, hands-on experience, and question and answer opportunities. Bring your most difficult case studies to class for group feedback and applied practical clinical applications.

    Read more about Jeff, the conference and register here.

    We are so excited for this conference, which will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with peers, get energized and learn amazing things. 
    Register with a friend now and take advantage of buy one, get one half off discounts. I look forward to seeing you all there!

    Kind regards,
    Erika Schultz, L.Ac., Dipl. OM, ACN
    Conference Chair, AAC Board of Directors
    (720) 460-0766


    Our Most Exciting Conference
    Silent Auction Ever!

    The AAC's 2018 Silent Auction offers you an array of items to boost your practice as well as your fun time. Are you planning a vacation? Be prepared to be wowed with local, national and international trips, and the best news is you get a great discount and at least 30% of the proceeds go to our Legal Fund! Are you a Colorado Sports Enthusiast? We have Autographed Sports Memorabilia available for you, too! Enjoy CEUs and certifications! Do you want to get your holiday gift shopping started? We have gift cards, handmade items and much, much more to choose from.  

    Can't attend the full Conference this year? That’s ok! Join us at the Membership Mixer Saturday night starting at 6:30 to check out and bid on the Silent Auction items. If you cannot attend the mixer, but still would like to participate, you can request a list of the items via email at omwellnessllc@gmail.com, send bids to the same address and a volunteer will be in touch as the weekend bidding continues.

    Yvonne Piper, DOM (NM), L.Ac., Dipl. OM
    Conference Committee
    (720) 387-9522


    Activity Report 2018

    This past year has once again been an incredibly busy one for your volunteer AAC board. We do our best to keep you up-to-date with our quarterly email newsletters. If you are a member and are not receiving our emails, please contact Office Manager Charissa Haines at info@acucol.com or call (303) 572-8744. If you have missed previous newsletters they are archived in the News/Classes tab of Acucol.com. As Mark mentioned above, many announcements, updates and interesting information are posted more rapidly on the Facebook page, so please “Like” the Acupuncture Association of Colorado’s Facebook page, click “Follow” (next to the “Like” button) and turn on notifications by hovering over the Following button until a drop-down menu appears and select “Notifications - On (Highlight Posts)”.

    AAC board meetings: This year your volunteer board alternated 7 meetings between Denver and Boulder in addition to a few call-in meetings on timely actions. We have had board members from Fort Collins and as far afield as Colorado Springs and Buena Vista. Those who are not within driving distance may call in for the meetings which occur every 6-8 weeks. Please consider contributing to your profession by running for a board position as your help is needed! Last fall we were able to hold the first weekend board retreat in many years to train new board members, perform a S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis, set one- and five-year goals and refine our Mission: To advance the profession of Acupuncture and Traditional East Asian Medicine as an integral component of health care in Colorado. All AAC members are welcome to attend board meetings to witness and participate in the process of running the organization and working for our profession. Watch the AAC Facebook page for board meeting announcements and be sure to RSVP to hold your spot at the table.

    Goals: While still dealing with paramount judicial and legislative issues, we are working hard on one of our most important one-year goals: to increase professional membership to 500 from 246 through outreach of the Membership, Conference, Fundraising, and PR committees. A robust membership is the only way our voices can be heard by policy makers and we can educate the public in a meaningful way. Five-year goals include having 50% of licensed acupuncturists in Colorado as professional members, hiring an Executive Director, Mandatory Insurance coverage - Medicare/Medicaid, and inclusion in CDC Pain Guidelines.

    Website update: We continue to make improvements and additions in an effort to make our new website as user-friendly and educational a resource as possible for acupuncturists and prospective patients. If you haven’t done so, please log on to Acucol.com to check the status of your public profile, which is available under the “Find an Acupuncturist” tab as a way for patients to find you. New features include a Member Area that is only visible to logged-in members. This area has exclusive information such as any judicial efforts, member benefits, job postings, free access to read the peer-reviewed Meridians Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and an an AAC newsletter archive that goes back to 2009. If you are having trouble logging in or have suggestions on how we can make the site better, please contact our Office Manager Charissa Haines at info@acucol.com or (303) 572-8744. She continues to help us keep things running as smoothly as we can. Please stop by the sign-in table to thank her. In an effort to conserve resources, Charissa will be emailing your PDA certificates this year. Thanks again for your membership and involvement, which are very important and mu

    ch appreciated!

    Linda Machol, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.
    Secretary & Membership Chair, AAC Board of Directors
    (720) 299-8278





  • 06 Apr 2018 11:16 AM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

  • 23 Mar 2018 7:55 AM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

    Glenwood Springs, CO

    May 18-20, 2018

    10% Discount for AAC members

    Kathy Stahlman is a licensed acupuncturist, certified Acupoint injection therapist and instructor.  She is certified to teach in South Carolina, Florida and Colorado.  She is also a member of the  NCCAOM.   Kathy has recently taught this course to 25 DOM's and AIT Acupuncturists in Florida.

    This class covers homeopathic ozone sterilization properties, homeopathic substances and vitamins that are enhanced by ozone.  The goals for the students are to understand and provide the safe use of ozone sterilization during Acupoint injections.  To accurately determine which conditions can be treated successfully with Acupoint injections and ozone sterilization.  To increase sterilization techniques for inter and intra articular and Hua Tou point injections with ozone.   

    Class covers inter articular joint points in the knees, shoulders, hips, cervical intervertebral Hua Tou points, Hua Tou points of the upper and lower back, small joint points of the wrist, elbow and TMJ.

    PDA's:  This class is approved for 30 PDA points from the NCCAOM for acupuncturists who are licensed  to practice in a state where injection therapy is within it's scope, or 30 CEU's  for Florida acupuncturists who are certified to provide injection therapy., 

    Location:  Injury Release & Wellness, 3950 Midland Ave. #3, Glenwood Springs, CO. 81601

    Dates:  May 18, 19, 20, 2018

    Class Hours:  9 am - 8 pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, with breaks for meals.

    Cost:  $1,200. No refunds.  

    Contact:  To register, call Gloria at 970-945-2097 or email ksbiomaster@gmail.com

    Website:  injuryreleaseandwellness.com

  • 02 Mar 2018 1:11 PM | Nathaniel Mohler

    Presented by:
    Nate Mohler, L. Ac.

    Date and Time:
    June 10, 2018; 10:00AM - 12:30PM

    Practitioner Rate (2.5 PDA with NCCAOM - pending) - $40
    Student Rate (no PDA points awarded) - $25

    Register at Shuhari Health Works:

    This 2 1/2 hour walk along South Boulder Creek beginning where the creeks meets South Boulder Road provides an introduction to the flora of the Front Range of Colorado. Along the path of this guided walk, you will encounter somewhere between 30 and 40 noteworthy plants. Some of the plants fall within the Chinese pharmacopoeia and others are closely related to species used in the Chinese pharmacopoeia. The instructor will discuss how the medicinal plants are used and what conditions they may used to treat.

    Nate Mohler has been leading bioregional medicinal plant lectures and field studies for the last 5 years in the Colorado Front Range. He has published a field guide to medicinal plants in the region (http://shuharihealthworks.com/product/a-medicinal-plant-field-guide/) and is the founding director of the American Institute of Integrative Herbalism (AIIH) a non-profit dedicated to research and conservation of North American Plant medicine and the integration of bioregional North American medicinal plants into Chinese medicine.

  • 02 Mar 2018 1:01 PM | Nathaniel Mohler

    This is a truly amazing opportunity to learn from a top herbalist in our field!

    Presented by: 
    Thomas Garran

    Sponsored by:
    Shuhari Health Works and the American Institute of Integrative Herbalism

    Date and Time:
    July 13, 14, and 15, 2018 (camping overnight)

    Early Registration (before March 25): $200 for practitioner or general admission / $175 for students.*
    Regular Cost (after March 24): $240 for a practitioner or general admission / $200 for students.* 
    * Because the cost of flying Thomas out from China for this event, tickets are non-refundable except under very special circumstances

    This will be a three-day camping intensive with 12 PDA points through the NCCAOM. The event, organized by the American Institute of Integrative Herbalism and Shuhari Health Works will cover flora of the montane and alpine regions of central Colorado and will be taught by Thomas Avery Garran. The location is still to be determined but a spot will be narrowed down in the next month or two but should be within 3 hours of Denver/Boulder.

    Over the weekend we will be exploring native medicinal plants found in the wild in Colorado as well as the history of and modern approaches to incorporating new medicinal substances into practice.

    For payment contact Nate Mohler at front.desk@shuharihealthworks.com 

    There will only be room for 20 participants so grab your ticket ASAP (last year's event sold out in 5-6 weeks).

    Thomas Avery Garran has been studying herbal medicine since 1989 and is a graduate of the American School of Herbalism as a direct student of Christopher Hobbs and Michael Tierra from 1992-96. He became licensed to practice Chinese medicine in the United States in 1996 and later attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, receiving his Masters of Science of Chinese Medicine degree in 1999. Thomas maintained a full-time practice in Chinese medicine from 1996 until moving to China in 2008. From 2004-2007 he taught in the Herbology Department at the Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and in 2005 became the head of the department. During that tiame, he also served as an adviser to the John Burns School of Medicine, Department of Alternative Medicine at the University of Hawai'i. Since moving to China he has done clinical studies with a number of Chinese medicine doctors and is currently enrolled as a PhD student in the Center for Materia Medica Resources at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing. His PhD thesis is in soil ecology and the role of ecological agriculture for cultivation of medicinal plants. Thomas is also an adviser to the National Medicinal Plant Botanical Garden at the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development in Beijing. On top of his academic work, he also manages a small organic farm where he employs the use of ecological agriculture for the production of both medicinal plants and food, and is a consultant for several other farms in China that are working toward transitioning from chemical based agriculture to ecological agriculture.

    Thomas has published two books (and several articles) on the subject of integrating Western herbs into Chinese medicine, Western Herbs According to Tradition Chinese Medicine: A Practitioners Guide (2008) and Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine: Methodology & Materia Medica (2014). His work has been described as, “...the first truly authoritative work on understanding and using Western herbs based on the TCM model.” Z'ev Rosenberg, L.Ac. has said, “Thomas' books is far and away the most advanced books on this topic.” And Eric Brand, L.Ac. has called his books, “...the best in this genre.” 

  • 02 Mar 2018 12:44 PM | Nathaniel Mohler

    Presented by:
    Paul Cybularz, L. Ac.
    Nate Mohler, L. Ac.

    Date and Time:
    June 9, 2018; 9:00AM - 5:00PM

    Practitioner Early Registration – $120 until March 31 (reg. price: $140)
    Student Rate (No CEUs) – $115
    For registration click below:

    This program will provide attendants with a broad overview of biomedical concepts relating to the diagnosis, treatment, and care of today’s breast cancer patient populations. It is 7 PDA (pending) with NCCAOM. These concepts will be illustrated by modern research and then related to traditional traditional Chinese axioms regarding breast cancer’s etiology, diagnosis, and treatment. Utilizing modern research, practitioners will receive the latest treatment guidelines and evidence based protocols to successfully and safely offer basic adjunctive care to cancer patients regardless of which stage of treatment or recovery they are currently in.

    Paul has a wealth of knowledge acquired from working as an acupuncturist for Cancer Treatment Centers of America for 4 years. He will teach the biomedical and acupuncture components of this workshop. Paul's research on Chinese medicine oncology has been published https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4491150/

    Nate has been working as practitioner of Chinese medicine for 15 years, teaching for 10 years and is a doctoral candidate at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is also the founding director of the American Institute of Integrative Herbalism. He will teach the herbal medicine components of this workshop.

    For those Interested; this event may be paired with Nate's Medicinal Plant Field Study the day after the workshop. The field study is a 2.5 hour walk in Boulder, CO and is worth 2.5 PDAs with NCCAOM. Nate has been teaching these for several years in the region. For information and registration for both events click the link above.

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