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AAC offers opportunities to post ads for the acupuncture community to advertise office space, employment opportunities, etc. Please look at the options below to choose the one that suits your needs. The ads may be combined in one email blast if that option is chosen. 300 to 500 words and limit of 3 pictures.



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Every monthly newsletter will contain designated links to classified ads.


Send the ad you want posted to info@acucol.com and pay using the "Click Here to Donate" tab at the top of the page.  If you would like to post ad again after one month, another donation is required..

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Classified Ads


Interested in practicing the ancient wisdom

healing technique of  

Qigong Shen Acupuncture?

Hello  LAc's!

If you are interested in practicing the ancient wisdom healing technique of Qigong Shen Acupuncture , then this is the class for you! Learn the theory and then how to do Qigong Shen Acupuncture taught by the leading teacher of Zhineng Pure Consciousness in the world today, Teacher Wei (Wei Lao Tsu-  http://www.daohearts.com. )

Teacher Wei trained at the Hua Xia Center (Qigong Hospital) in China under Dr. Pang, as a Qigong Master and he is also a Chinese Medicine doctor, specialising in acupuncture. Teacher Wei has wonderful energy and you will sense his deep cultivation as you learn how to use Shen Acupuncture for healing your patients and yourself . You will learn the techniques to connect with your own Pure Consciousness (Mingjue) and Huan Yuan Qi (Universal Primordial Energy) to facilitate profound healing via energy Shen Acupuncture, that will leave you feeling stronger and happier. This is the  development of your own superabilities. Please join us for this very special class, never offered before! 

Check out the flier and the syllabus below

Mingjue shen zhen-明觉神针(Awakened Consciousness Acupuncture ) Course

Dates- March 16-21; and May 18-23, 2024 (both parts are required). 2 hrs.of  instruction and practice twice per day;  the same material is covered in both morning and evening sessions per day. 

Times- 9:00-11:00 am, Beijing time and 8:00-10:00pm Beijing time (that will be 7:00-9:00 pm MDT March 15 in Colorado for the first Beijing morning class, and 6:00-8:00 am MDT March 16 in Colorado for the first Beijing evening class)

Cost - $400.00

Register with Beth Bright - http://bethbrightacupuncture.com

Although there are no CEUs, this is an AMAZING opportunity to further cultivate your own abilities as a healer and for personal development! 



Acupuncturist Position Available at Lakewood Community Acupuncture!


Lakewood Community Acupuncture is looking for a kind and dedicated acupuncturist to join our team! We currently have 3 acupuncture shifts available and would prefer if our new team member could do all three shifts. 



Tuesdays: 1:30pm-7:30pm 

(If Tuesdays don’t work, possibly Thursdays at the same time.)

Friday: 1:30pm-7:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am-2:30pm 


Lakewood Community Acupuncture is a nonprofit clinic offering low cost private acupuncture treatments. Since Covid, we no longer offer community style acupuncture in a group setting. Instead, we are utilizing our three private treatment rooms and seeing up to 3 patients per hour. Our clinic is located in SW Lakewood near Wadsworth and Highway 285.


Acupuncturists are paid hourly plus commission based on the number of patients seen that day and services provided.  We have a tiered employee benefit program. The benefits increase depending on the number of shifts worked and the time employed. 401k plan available also.


Qualifications we are looking for:

  • Passionate about acupuncture (Chinese herbal medicine knowledge encouraged)

  • Great people skills + kind and caring

  • Good time management skills for both treatments and front desk (we do not use a receptionist)

  • Comfortable with eStim, cupping (glass fire cupping and pump cupping), and herbal medicine

  • Must be NCCAOM certified, DORA Colorado licensed and have malpractice insurance 

Please reach out to us if you are interested! 

info@lakewoodacupuncture.org or 720-242-9756




Esoteric Acupuncture Foundations is a class designed to give the practitioner basic knowledge of Esoteric Acupuncture theory and detailed knowledge of the Esoteric Acupuncture patterns. During the three day seminar, participants will be introduced to the multiple levels of Heart Qi and Kidney Qi relationships within Esoteric Acupuncture and how to stabilize the Shen. Participants will acquire detailed knowledge of the acupuncture points and locations in the Esoteric Acupuncture patterns. They will also leave the seminar with a diagnostic and implementation framework to immediately apply Esoteric Acupuncture to their practice.

Esoteric Acupuncture treatments will balance the chakra system and have the ability to help one tap into their higher self and to their higher heart chambers allowing one access to raise their consciousness. 

“Esoteric Acupuncture focuses on the utilization of traditional Chinese acupuncture theory, along with the Hindu Chakra System, Sacred Geometry, and the Qabalistic Tree of Life… As we evolve in our understanding of imbalances within our energy field, we must expand and evolve in our assessment of how to harmonize these imbalances… Rather than merely treating the signs and symptoms of a physical imbalance, ‘Higher Frequency Healing’ refers to balancing the more subtle frequencies outside of the dense physical body’s energy field… Another focus in Esoteric Acupuncture is to establish a strong and harmonious connection with the higher spiritual realms. When we are able to consciously connect to these higher energy fields, we begin to view our imbalances in a different light. The strengthening and harmonization process of the finer frequencies, and the conscious understanding of this process, will simultaneously align and initiate the frequencies of love to expand throughout our energy field, assisting us in our healing process on all levels.” Dr. Mikio Sankey, Ph.D., L.Ac.

June 28th - 30th, 2024

8:30 am - 5:30 pm

24 PDA Points

Colorado Chinese Medicine University, Denver, CO

Website:  https://healingpathacu.com/esoteric-acupuncture-foundations-seminar

Cost:  $700 (Early Bird and Student Discounts Available)

Please contact Frank Turano-Cutler, L.Ac., with any questions:  f.turano.cutler@gmail.com

Frank Turano-Cutler, L.Ac.
Healing Path Acupuncture, LLC.
1041 Lincoln Ave, Suite 310
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970) 819-0615


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