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Colorado Acupuncture Medical Reserve Corps

“Rebuilding Communities in Health and Dignity"

Who We Are and What We Do:

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of local groups of volunteers committed to improving the health, safety, and resiliency of their communities.  The Colorado Acupuncture Medical Reserve Corps (CAMRC) is the first statewide all acupuncture federally approved Medical Reserve Corp in the United States.  We are a group of acupuncturists and non-medical personnel, who volunteer their time and services during disaster response, critical incidents, and community events.

Vision:  Through acupuncture, the resilience and independence of individuals affected by disaster is fostered and restored such that they may rebuild their lives and communities in health and dignity.

Mission:  The mission of the CAMRC is to provide treatment to evacuees, emergency responders, and others during critical incidents, natural disasters, community events, and to educate on the benefit of acupuncture.

We are available to provide one-hour educational sessions to those in the community wanting to learn more about what we do.

What are the advantages of volunteering through a federally-approved MRC?

    • Our MRC volunteers work alongside other medical and service professionals as a team

    • We have the best opportunity to share our services with the most people in need of our care

    • We get the word out to the community that acupuncture care makes a real, positive difference!

    • As a member of an approved MRC,  you will:

    • receive training in various aspects of disaster reponse

    • learn how to communicate effectively with other parts of a coordinated disaster response in Colorado and the nation.

    Who Can Join:

    Anyone 18 years and older can join our MRC. Those who can provide acupuncture treatment must be a Colorado state licensed acupuncturist.

    How can I join the Colorado Acupuncture Medical Reserve Corps (CAMRC)?


    • Attend one of the Colorado Acupuncture MRC trainings (Includes FEMA ICS 100/700).

    • Complete the required courses offered by CAMRC or through other sources.

    Why we use the Auricular Acupuncture Protocol:

    • Cost effective

    • Portable:  Clinics can be set-up just about anywhere

    • People stay fully clothed

    • Efficient and effective in short amount of time

    • Safe, simple, and profound treatments

    • NOTE: During recovery phase – additional points on the body may be used.

      Benefits of the Acupuncture:

      • helps to “reset” the sympathetic nervous system (flight or flight response);
      • can improve sleep and appetite;
      • can reduce pain;
      • can reduce overall stress, anxiety and tension;
      • can improve a person’s ability to cope in times of great stress

      Need More Information?



      Steve Shomo, Training Coordinator:  

      zenmedic9@gmail.com • 303-995-7827


      Monica Edlauer, Outreach Coordinator:  

      boulderacupuncture@comcast.net  • 303-859-7556


      Terry Treece, Unit Coordinator: 

      gate_of_hope@yahoo.com • 720-219-8802


      Chris Shiflett, Assistant Unit Coordinator: 

      shiflett.christopher@gmail.com • 720-299-8849


      Jennifer Ulman, Financial Coordinator:   

      jennulman@hotmail.com 303-548-9761

      Make a Donation:

      If you are interested in making a donation, click the “Donate” button below,or please contact: Jennifer Ulman, Financial Coordinator:  Jennulman@hotmail.com Phone: 303-548-9761 

      Donate to CAMRC

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      Web: http://www.coloradoacupuncturemrc.org/

      Check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoAcupunctureMRC

      Twitter: @ColoradoAcuMRC

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