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Monthly Newsletter - September 2020

22 Sep 2020 4:49 PM | Victoria Howlett (Administrator)

Message from the President:

As we move into the fall season, I hope everyone takes time for appreciation for the unexpected changes as well as some acknowledgment of sadness for some of the missed experiences and loss of the year.

As an organization it’s been a year of change and movement.  I am so impressed with all the acupuncturists who have volunteered so much time, mental energy and thoughtfulness into growing our profession.   We are lucky to have such caring and passionate people in our profession.  I for one, look forward to the growth we can bring in the next few years.

We have lots going on, so as always read carefully, there is LOTS of info this month on member benefits to help you and your practice near the end of the newsletter.

Membership should have its benefits ;).  

In appreciation,

Kacey Wardle,  L.Ac

AAC Board of Directors, President


DORA sent out a notice recently regarding a Virtual Permanent Rulemaking Hearing for the Director to consider adopting new and revised Rules 1.1, 1.2, 1.12, and Appendix B to implement Colorado House Bill 20-1326 (Endorsements/Creation of an Occupational Credential Portability Program), and Colorado Senate Bill 20-102 (Patient Disclosures Regarding Sexual Misconduct) to be held on Thursday, October 1, 2020, at 2:00 P.M. (MDT). 

You can attend and make comments. The board has put together written comments before these final rules were published about current NCCAOM exams and board certifications. This is standard procedure for rule changes.  If you or any acupuncturists have issues with DORA dropping the requirement of certification, and only requiring NCCAOM exams along with appropriate schooling, then you are able to testify or give DORA written comments on why.

As of now, the AAC board is remaining neutral on the new proposed rule as it seems inline with new law and still maintains safety for our patients.


In an effort to represent the diversity of our profession, learn about career satisfaction and create opportunity by promoting the highest standards of professional practice, the ASA would like your input. 

Please take the survey (approx 15 min to complete & chance to win $25 gift card).


The annual AAC conference will be:

April 17-18, 2021 

Marriott Westminster 

Key Speaker: Lillian Bridges

Please mark your calendars.  We hope you will be able to join and learn. It is currently scheduled in person. We are committed to keeping everyone safe and will keep this in mind in planning for this conference.

Thank You Volunteers & More Opportunity

We had a few volunteers step up for the 2021 Conference and we are so excited! Sara Lohmeyer with help from Piper Mullins (thank you both!!) will lead the committee.  

The annual conference is the biggest fundraiser for the AAC as well as a chance for our acupuncture community to come together.  With the sunset review coming up, we can use all of the help and participation we can get. 

Please consider volunteering. Email info@acucol.com to let us know you’d love to help out!

We are also looking for members who are interested in stepping into leadership roles in fundraising, membership, and legislation. If taking a more active and vocal role in the AAC appeals to you please email info@acucol.com and we will put you in touch with the right person. 


Good News!  

Based on ASA Insurance Committee inquiries, Triwest informed us yesterday that the "VA responded with authority for TriWest to remove the mid-level provider reduction required by Medicare." For dates of service of 9/1 and after, TriWest will be paying 100% of Medicare rates and NOT applying the 15% reduction for acupuncture claims. However, they did not provide information about whether they would reimburse claims reduced prior to 9/1 or follow up on our other claims processing concerns as of yet. We will keep you posted as we find out more! 


ICD-10 Changes Go Into Effect October 2020

ICD-10 Changes going into effect Oct. 2020 - please read this article from Acupuncture Today for more info!



New CPT Code for Additional Supplies: 99072

With COVID still very much active, CMS has released a new code that can be billed during this public emergency. The code is 99072 and it is used for additional supplies and time for cleaning.

99072- Additional supplies, materials, and clinical staff time over and above those usually included in an office visit or other non-facility service(s), when performed during a Public Health Emergency as defined by law, due to respiratory-transmitted infectious disease.

This code can be billed once per visit and the average charge is anywhere between $10-$20.


Spam alert

Some AAC members have received some phishing scams. The AAC has not been hacked and no accounts have been compromised. 

Emails listed on the AAC website are public. AAC members can choose whether or not to share your email on the website.  If you wish to update your privacy settings you can go to this link to get help in doing so: https://gethelp.wildapricot.com/en/articles/147#by

If you choose to share your email on the website, then it runs the risk of being picked up by spammers now and again. Please always be mindful of emails that look suspicious. Keep in mind that if your email is not public, your contact information would not be visible to someone looking on our site for an acupuncturist.



5-Day Private Sale 

for ALL AAC Members

October 26 – 30, 2020




Mark your calendars & check your inbox

for a special promo code


Join AAC today & get access to this

Private Sale

Lhasa is offering a one-time 20% discount with free Ground Shipping to AAC members.   There will be some exclusions to the discount such as:  KPC Herbs, Golden Flower Chinese Herbs, Mayway Herbal Products, Massage Tables, Chair & Stools, Monthly Specials and Outlet Deals.   All orders with the promo code will get free Ground Shipping and orders over $250 will qualify for our Fast & Free 2-Day Delivery.   

Encourage your acupuncture friends who aren’t AAC members to join the AAC and they can also get the sale price!


Earn money for the AAC  when you use your loyalty card at King Soopers or City Market.

You, your family, and your friends can all help raise money for the AAC just by doing the shopping you already do.

Register your rewards card from King Soopers or City Market to the AAC Non-Profit Organization (NPO, number AP717), and the AAC will earn cash for purchases.

It only takes a few moments. Here’s how to do it:


  • Sign into your Kings Soopers/City Market account. New users please create an account.
  • Look for King Soopers Community Rewards (or City Market) selection under the MENU > SAVINGS> KING SOOPERS COMMUNITY REWARDS tab.
  • Search for the Acupuncture Association of Colorado either by name or AP717 and click enroll. 

Phone app

  • Sign into your Kings Soopers/City Market account on the phone app.
  • Tap the 3 bars menu tab on the upper right. Tap Rewards. Tap Community Rewards.
  • Follow the instructions for enrollment. Search for the Acupuncture Association of Colorado either by name or AP717 and click enroll.

Easy-peasy. It’s free money for the AAC that doesn’t cost you anything.

The AAC thanks you!

For any questions contact the AAC at 303.572.8744 or email info@acucol.com


Mark your calendar: the next Board meeting is October 18th.

Board meeting will be virtual, look out for the zoom link to register.

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