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The Colorado Acupuncturist - January 2018

18 Jan 2018 11:42 AM | Victoria Howlett (Administrator)

AAC Legal Challenge to Dry Needling Continues & Conference Registration is Open

Message from the President: Our Legal Challenge to Dry Needling Continues!

Mark VanOtterloo

Dear members, friends and supporters,

While we were disappointed that the Denver District Court recently denied our legal challenge to the PT Board’s regulation allowing dry needling, we strongly disagree with the court’s ruling and, as one of our attorneys explained, “This type of decision is why we have Courts of Appeals.” As a result, at our last meeting, our board unanimously agreed to continue our legal challenge to the Colorado Court of Appeals where we believe we have a strong chance to prevail. 

The District Court, for example, claimed we lacked the right to even challenge the PT Board’s refusal to repeal Rule 211 despite making the opposite finding just months earlier. Similarly, the Court did not even attempt to explain how the PT scope of practice, which allows only non-invasive practices, could be rationally interpreted as allowing the insertion of acupuncture needles up to 5” deep. 

While we all wanted to see victory at the District Court, the Court of Appeals is a very important second bite at the apple. But it will only be possible if those of us that understand the importance of protecting the public from the untrained practice of acupuncture (aka “Dry Needling”) continue to financially support this critical legal effort.  

Your contributions to date have been immensely significant to our efforts, and our attorneys have already generously donated many thousands of dollars of their time. But to continue this fight we need your support again. 

If you’re already an AAC member, please make a special donation to directly support the critical work our legal team is doing on your behalf.

If you’re not a member, please join the AAC today [link to join us page] and stand with us in this important effort that will be closely watched across the United States. You may also wish to make an additional donation in support of this cause.

Please take a minute now and make a donation to our legal fund. This is a fight we can win, but we cannot do it without you.


I look forward to continuing to work with you on this, and to seeing you at our 35th annual conference in April for an  awesome seminar with Jeff Nagel . And as always, thank you for your membership and continued support.

Mark VanOtterloo, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl. OM
President, AAC Board of Directors
(720) 295-9323

Registration is Now Open for Jeff Nagel at the 35th Annual AAC Conference in Westminster April 21-22, 2018!      

Erika Schultz

This year will be our 35th annual conference as a state association and we are pleased to bring you another highly requested speaker, Jeff Nagel, MA, LAc, Dipl Ac. Jeff is trained in the 8 Branches of Chinese Daoist Healing Arts, Medicine, Internal Martial Arts & Life Sciences and is an experienced long-time practitioner.

He is a well seasoned, generous teacher-researcher of Acupuncture-Oriental Medicine, as well as a Qigong cultivator and healer who has studied extensively with several well-known masters and doctors including Daoist Grand Master Share K. Lew, the 23rd generation of the Yellow Dragon Monastery, China.

Jeff is designated as a practitioner and teacher by the AAAOM Pioneers & Leaders in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, acknowledging his contributions to the field. He has taught at a number of state, national and international conferences.

Registration is now open for this event on April 21st and 22nd, 2018 at the Westminster Marriott.

His two-day seminar is entitled Healing Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Pain - Precursors to Disease In Your Practice & In Your Life (Classical Chinese Medicine Daoist Style Special Applications of Master Tung's Holographic).  14 NCCAOM PDA / California CEU pending.

More about the Course:

Classical Chinese Medicine traditions raise the question: What causes and promotes health and vitality and not just dis-ease? Some of the most effective answers and solutions to this question will be covered in this class:

“7 parts patient lifestyle adjustment + 3 parts doctor’s treatment”

Teachings include:

  •         How to cultivate Relax & Calm Down Qigong Breathing & Taiji Ruler Heart Calming Qigong for patients and practitioners.

  •          Learn simple & effective methods of Acu-Touch Pulse for diagnosis & treatment.

  •          Learn how to use internal-external herbal polarity-5 phase nutrition.

  •          Learn practical clinical applications to diagnose and treat stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and pain before dis-ease sets in using Master Tung's Acupuncture and the 5 Phase Organ-Meridians and 12 Attitudes Method.

  •         Learn how to harmonize the emotions with Temporal Pulse Balancing, the “10 Essentials of Life” & Geopathic Medicine for stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and pain.

These methods are practical and highly effective and can be implemented immediately in practice. The class will be taught through a combination of lecture, hands-on experience, and question and answer opportunities. Bring your most difficult case studies to class for group feedback and applied practical clinical applications.

Read more about Jeff, the conference and register here.

We are so excited for this conference, which will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with peers, get energized and learn amazing things. This conference is expected to sell out, so register early and take advantage of early bird pricing discounts. I look forward to seeing you all there!

Kind regards,

Erika Schultz, L.Ac., Dipl. OM, ACN
Conference Chair, AAC Board of Directors

(720) 460-0766


The Winter Issue of Meridians Journal is Ready for Members!

The winter issue, v. 5 no. 1, of Meridians: The Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is now available for AAC members to read on our website! Digital issues of this peer-reviewed, Medline compliant journal are available free to you as a valuable benefit of being an AAC member. Log in to read the Winter issue. (After logging in, scroll down under the Acupuncturists tab to Members, then select Meridians Journal at the bottom of the menu at right.) Having trouble logging in? Contact Charissa at info@acucol.com or (303) 572-8744.



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