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Sound and Breath Work Training for next level wellness

20 Apr 2023 11:49 AM | Charissa Haines (Administrator)

Introducing The Art of Breath and Sound Healing - a transformative course that aims to enhance the spiritual and emotional well-being of your clients through the power of breath and sound. 

This course is a NEXT LEVEL wellness course that is aimed at creating a sacred container for healing and personal growth.  

Learn how to open and close sessions with ritual techniques that create a unique experience and prepare your clients for powerful work. 

Based in intention and setting learn how to build a session that takes your client on a personal exploration.  

Dive into Sound and Breath Techniques that create a path for healing and self mastery.  

If you are ready to add different modalities into your existing practice that your clients are going to absolutely love check out the Sacred Container,

Special Discount for the AAC for only $399.00 with the CODE AAC at check out. 


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